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You may have heard the phrase “going berserk.” This term comes from a special type of Viking warrior called the Berserkers, who were known for their frenzied and completely insane fighting tactics. The Berserkers fought naked, wearing nothing but a bear pelt. With the help of hallucinogenics and far too much alcohol, they would go into a trance where they howled like wild beasts, foamed at the mouth, gnawed on their weapons and lashed out at literally anyone that came in their path, killing friend or foe without batting an eyelash.

Available in Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. Comes on a 65cm x 3mm stainless steel O-chain with custom viking clasp. Silver version comes with silver clasp. 

There may be small differences between the pictured sterling silver piece and its stainless steel counterpart. The steel pieces may have slightly less detail than the handcrafted silver version.

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