$180 USD

Inspired by the Great Helm, a medieval helmet used on battlefields for centuries, this keychain attaches by way of a shield-shaped clasp. Let it bring you protection, no matter what sort of trouble you may encounter. 

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

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Customer Reviews

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Always Good Quality

At least my 5th purchase from these guys. Keychain has a good weight to it and everything I bought from this company has come on time and has been nothing but great quality.

Greg Cunningham
Awesome as F

I have had so many people look at, compliment, and ask about this on my keys, such a badass piece! Will definitely be ordering more stuff from these guys!

James Tunstall
Great Item

Quality was much better than I thought and I love the detail. I find myself fidgeting with it often. It is a permanent part of my EDC.

Love it 100%

It’s a wonderful piece of accessory that I rock on my hand bag. It tilts and is much bigger than I expected. The craftsmanship is exceptionally well made. I love it especially because this is a piece you can easily wear with various things. Highly recommended of course.

Modern Pirate Lord
The Shield of Key Fobs

When it comes to adding something extra to your keys to set you apart from the crowd, the Helm is the next level! From the amazing quality, very detailed design - you will always catch someone's attention! If your curious if this treasure is worth it - the honest answer is yes. This is not a common item you will see in the general crowd and is wonderful conversation piece for any occasion!