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The most famous katana ever created was forged by a master swordsmith named Gorō Masamune. Little is known about Masamune himself, but his most revered blade was referred to simply as Honjo Masamune. Created sometime between 1288 and 1328 and passed down from shogun to shogun over the centuries, the blade saw countless battles in its lifetime. But after World War II, it became illegal to possess swords, and the Honjo Masamune was turned over to authorities. Despite efforts to locate it in modern times, the sword has never been seen again. This pendant is our tribute to Masamune's lost treasure.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver pendant and Mt. Fuji clasp on a 55cm (22") stainless steel rounded box chain. 

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and solid piece.

This necklace is a pleasure to wear. The quality is fantastic and it has a nice weight to it. The pendant itself is a decent size with nice detail. Absolutely love the clasp with My. Fuji on it, really steps it up a notch.

Calvin G
Amazing Work

This piece is well detailed and crafted. Shipped faster than expected and worth every penny.

Kelvin Ratnayake
Katana Wins!!!

What an amazing, authentic, piece of art work. I love this pendant. If you want to separate yourself from the herd, then this is definitely a piece that you’ll want to add to your collection!

Jack Piebenga
Great Piece

High quality, great attention to detail. Most importantly has held up over time. Well worth the price.

Jenny Lopez
Absolutely amazing! 🥰

I bought it as a Christmas gift for my husband but I’m notorious for giving him his gifts way too early. HE LOVES IT! Wears it everyday. I’ve purchased a few pendants from here and he has liked every single one but this one is definitely his favorite. Obviously going to buy more lol.