Stack Rewards For Your Loyalty

For nearly a decade Clocks + Colours has been on a mission to build a community of like minded people with whom we could share our appreciation for luxury heavy metal goods and the tall tales that inspire our collections. Our fans are the heart and soul of this brand, but we couldn’t have ever imagined you’d show us as much love and support as you have. So now it’s our turn to pay it back. To show our immense appreciation to all the ride or dies who keep this train rolling we created the Heavy Metals Club. A loyalty program that not only rewards you for the purchases you make, but also for following what we’re up to, referring your family and friends, and sharing your experiences through product reviews and social engagement. As you gain coins you can redeem them for discounts as well as exclusive products, benefits, and experiences.

frequently asked questions

A dedicated program to show our ride or die fans how much we appreciate your support. Earn coins for every dollar spent, engaging with us, referring friends, writing reviews, and more. As you stack your coins you can redeem them for discount codes and earn exclusive benefits as you reach new tiers. Sign up to learn more!  

This is an extension of the Heavy Metals club that allows you to earn more coins by tagging Clocks and Colours in posts on Instagram and Tiktok.

Anyone with an account is automatically enrolled in the Heavy Metals Club. To join the ambassador program click the link above when you are logged in to associate your Instagram and/or Tiktok account.

You can earn points for all sorts of activities, including referring friends, and making purchases. To see all the ways you can earn points check out the ways to earn section above.


We love to see how you rep your Clocks gear! Join the Clocks and Colours ambassador program to earn more coins by creating content and tagging us in your posts on Instagram and Tik Tok.

50 Coins - Tag @clocksandcolours in an Instagram feed post. (limit 3 posts per month)

80 Coins - Tag @clocksandcolours in a Tiktok post. (limit 2 posts per month)


  • Posts must be made from accounts that are public
  • Posts must not be made from accounts with no previous posts
  • Post must visibly display Clocks and Colours product
  • Post must mention or tag @clocksandcolours. Tags must be visible and clickable
  • No competing brands can be featured or tagged in posts
  • Posts must be original content; content that has not been posted previously
  • Posts must be owned by the creator