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Pierce x Travis Barker

Pierce x Travis Barker

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Designed in collaboration with Travis Barker, the Pierce pays tribute to motifs that have defined the punk aesthetic since its earliest days. A custom skull safety pin, long, dangling spikes and industrial chain links forged from solid heavyweight sterling silver call back to the days of mohawks and mosh pits in beer-soaked basement bars. Combined with Travis’s contemporary style, this chain reimagines punk for a new era.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver. 50cm (19.6") with 12mm gauge links.

NOTE: Chain can be worn shorter by clipping the clasp to a different link. Travis is wearing the chain at a shorter length in these pictures. 

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All of our jewelry products are covered by a Lifetime Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Benny Boy

This piece is amazing, better than I expected. Worn it a few times, mainly at Clubs. Gets lots of positive comments. Huge fan of this collab!

Layering Masterpiece!

The detail on this chain are amazing! This piece looks great on it's own or you can layer it with the other Barker chains!

Craig Dutra
Best necklace ever !

Onky issues is after it’s on for a while you need to take it and readjust but the design , the style , the size the details and how things are of center and having the little piece of chain hanging there and the skull pin never mind the skull clasp and the spikes this is a pure GEM. Fits me and my style perfectly I want another one just to have a back up just incase. That’s how much I love it.

A compelling appearance…

Initially bought as a necklace, I discovered it suited me better to wear this piece of art as a bracelet! In combination with wearing another necklace piece of this collection it enhanced my grace for many sorts of occasions excellently. Definitely a must-try to wear it as a necklace as well as a bracelet. Note that wearing it as a bracelet causes this jewellery piece to be tainted with scratches and dents from the moving parts, however, I feel like this makes the piece more stunning in appearance.

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