Wide Brim Hat x Coup de Tete (Black)

$460 USD
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Designed in collaboration with bespoke hat-makers Coup de Tete, this wide brim, fur felt teardrop is as handcrafted as they come. Each hat features unique signatures, and no two are the same. Flame-distressed texture and scorched hot-knife detailing get better with age. A custom sterling silver skull safety pin, co-branded leather band and trademark playing card serve as the finishing touches on a hat that is designed to last a lifetime.

Small: 7 1/4 (58cm | 22 5/8")
Medium: 7 3/8 (59cm | 23")
Large: 7 1/2 (60cm | 23 1/2")
Extra Large: 7 5/8 (61cm | 23 7/8")

Handmade in Toronto, Canada from fur felt (rabbit and beaver fur).

Each hat is unique and the details will vary from what is pictured here. Please contact info@clocksandcolours.com if you would like to see images of your hat prior to shipping.

All of our apparel products are covered by a Two Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Jason Boston
Beautifully crafted collaboration

I've been a fan of Clocks and Colours for years and happened to be in the market for a unique hat. I missed the original debut on this hat and pounced at the chance to get one when they came back in stock. My hat size in on the border of a Medium and Large, I was able to get a Large. This hat was a little larger than I anticipated but I put a shim in and it's good enough, if it's windy enough to take this hat off my head I have bigger things to worry about it. First of all the packaging is great, I knew I was getting something good when I first unpacked the box. Opening the box and taking it out the first time I enjoyed looking at all the details. The materials, notches, cuts, burns, etc. all create a beautiful piece of art. Then getting into the decorative aspects of the bands brings in another layer of detail. The skull hat pin by itself is pretty awesome. You can't really see it in the picture but with the string and braid there is a small metal chain as well. The card has some weathered detailing as well and has the C&C logo on the inside if you are curious enough. Quality is top notch and pictures don't do it justice. I've only worn it out a few times since it arrived but I've received a lot of compliments when I have and people definitely check it out. I'd like to think everyone is looking at me because I'm so handsome, but I know it's the hat. Excellent craftsmanship and looks make this one one hell of a hat. If you're on the fence and can get your hands on one I would recommend making the purchase! Coup de Tete and Clocks and Colours made an excellent high quality product and I'm very happy with it.

Ahmed Mayany
Soo much character on this hat!

This was my first hat and I was skeptical to spend the money but needless to say that it was worth it! The quality of the hat in spectacular and I feel good wearing it

Carlos Alvarenga
Perfect fit

Loved the look and once it went on almost never going to be taken off on those days. So happy I got it when it became available.

Jonathan H.
Absolutely amazing hat

Absolutely love the hat. It fits amazingly and I've gotten a lot of people asking about it. Definitely worth it. Beyond satisfied with this collab

Tina Mabon

My husband loved his hat. I bought him the same one when it was first dropped, but unfortunately it didn’t fit his head, this one fits perfect and he absolutely LOVES it. Happy spouse, happy house.