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This custom chainlink is inspired by the rich visual history of the Aztecs. A society known for its ingenuity in architecture and engineering, they are perhaps most associated with ritual sacrifices. Gruesome testimonies allude to Aztec priests slicing open the chests of sacrificial victims and offering their still-beating hearts to the gods, before tossing their lifeless body down the temple stairs. And while many of these sacrifices were enacted upon criminals and enemy soldiers, there is evidence that even Aztec citizens went willingly to the sacrificial altar. To give your heart to the gods was seen as a great honour, and more importantly, a guaranteed ticket to one hell of an afterlife.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver. 60cm (24") in length. 

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Ryan Storer
Love This Piece of Art!

I purchased this to hold my heavy Mjolner (Thors Hammer) I was blown away by the beautiful workmanship and the heavy duty weight I was looking for to support my charm!! Thanks Clocks and Colours!’ I have a $ 750 purchase plan with you I can’t wait to order it!!

Beyond expectation.

I aas hesitant ordering online, especially with such a high price tag and not viewing the item in person. But, my fiance is beyond elated with this recent gift! He admires the closing mechanisms and loves the weight of the chain. We love it so much that we are seriously considering purchasing one for our sons!

Husband wears it all the time

He's very happy with the weight and length of the chain. Only wish there were size options the way there are with the bracelets.

Ghislain Ntasumbumuyange

Got this bad boy on Sale best deal ive ever had pair it with snakes bones frm CC
You cant go Wrong With Clocks and Colours

Jenny Castillo
Boyfriend loves it

I bought it for my boyfriend who loves all the products. He has the octopus ring, chain, and now waiting for the bracelet. I love the quality, designs, and easy to purchase with tracking info.