North Star x Brass Inlay

$150 USD

Long before proper maps, compasses, or GPS, any madman insane enough to set sail into the vast unknown would rely on the North Star to guide them on their explorations. Good thing they always brought plenty of rum — getting lost was part of the fun.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver. Comes on a 65cm x 3mm stainless steel O-chain with custom silver skull clasp.

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Phenomenal pendant. Delivery time was excellent. Overall very smooth purchase and shipping process.

The North Star: My guiding star, morning star, evening star.

Of all the pendants that were available on the Clocks and Colours website during the month of December, the North Star was the only one that made sense to me. I was looking for a new sense to my life, and I wanted to wear something that represented my new direction: I would not be following any star blindly.
The North Star points in the direction in which I am heading, instead of showing me the way. The brass star shines on the pendant because I am looking at her and it understands where I am leading her.
It has been more than a month since I have been wearing the North Star pendant with so much pride, and it also makes me feel good. That's just a personal feeling, and I am loving it.
I chose the stainless steel version because it looked the same as the silver pendant while being much less expensive, and stainless steel ages better than silver over the years. I live in a very hot tropical country and although it's against my skin day and night, and goes through two showers daily, the North Star is as beautiful as it was on it's first day home. It's of awesome quality, with so much details for such a small piece of jewellery. The bonus is the amazing chain that basically comes for free with the North Star, together with an exquisite lobster fastener with a skull and bones design that steals the spotlight. Considering my fascination for skulls, this was a decision making feature. I wear the chain with the clasp casually hanging on the front, like the true star of the show, instead of moving it to the back of the neck like people. 'If you've got it, flaunt it.'
The North Star pendant and chains is mine and should stay around my neck for a long time, together with the Etah-Love made Sacred Heart pendant. Christmas was kind to me for the first time in a very long time.

Zak Robart
Great Product

Very well made, great weight and the brass is a great touch.

Kathryn Mann

Perfect weight to it, and the brass makes it stand out really nicely. The chain is also superb quality~

nice touching

pendants are beautiful