The “Homelands” collection was designed in collaboration with our good friend JJ Julius Son, frontman and bonafide rockstar of the band KALEO. Taking inspiration from JJ’s native country of Iceland, each piece is also infused with the rock and blues attitude of his second home, Nashville. This collection is an ode to the beauty of where it all began, the stories you gather along the way and what waits for you when you get home.

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Creative Direction: Shane Vitaly ForanJay Nugent

Art Direction: Cass Baldry

Zack Vitiello

HMU: Amanda Heifner

Styling: Audrey Brianne

Styling Assistant: Angela Rose

Camera Op: Zachary Etengoff / Goff Media

Editing + GradingColin Outridge

Design Lead: JJ Julius Son / Shane Vitaly Foran

Featuring: JJ Julius Son (KALEO) / Shane Vitaly Foran