Bottoms Up Shot Glass

$45 USD

This black shot glass is wrapped in a finely detailed nautical scene that depicts a stormy sea raging against an anchor and lighthouse. There's a tempest brewing in every drink. 

1oz. Made of Stainless Steel and Glass. Hand Wash Only.

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Customer Reviews

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TaeGyun Kim
I bought one and I think I'm going to have to buy another one.

I bought one and I think I'm going to have to buy another one.

Paul Groeneveld
My favorite shot glass

I always wanted to own this shot glass, but there are so many other nice things in the shop I had to buy first. I added the shot glass during my last order and wow, I am so glad I did. Heavy quality and an eye catcher for sure. It's so cool that I want to bring it with me to the local bar.

I drink everything out of it

Got this shotty on a whim and Goddamn the moment I unboxed it the sounds of sea shantys filled the air, rum was spilled and brawls had begun, when I came to I was 20 nautical miles from home and in bed with a manatee. 10000% recommend it.

Efrem M.
Cool Glass

Really nice glass, nice details, and fast delivery !

For a man of the sea

Bought it for my Dungeon Master who ran a campaign for us over the last 4 years. As a man of the sea he absolutely loved it! He uses it all the time